The Wawanesa Insurance Company partnered with iter8 to develop and implement a solution to meet their statistical reporting requirements.

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Regulatory Statistical Reporting

Statistical reporting requirements for P&C carriers are extensive, demanding and inclusive. Each jurisdiction imposes different standards, rules, processes and policies. For many carriers this activity can become a burden, and the cost of deficiency penalties can add up.

iter8 solutions are designed to adapt to many of these environments and facilitate accurate timely submissions, in a cost-effective manner. Penalty or deficiency fees can be minimized and time is saved

Reduce Risk

  • iter8 statistical and bureau reporting is proven (ask our customers), accurate, and reliable. Worry free, exact, and low risk - no wonder it is the market leading solution
  • Common maps to report information and to extract from policy administration systems make for a faster, predictable implementation timetable

Money saving

  • Processes are automated, data is translated and submitted, avoiding manual errors
  • Proven, operational at multiple other carriers – you save by using technology and methodology established by others
  • Penalty fees are significantly reduced
  • Internal IT resources can be redeployed to higher “value-add” functions

Better accuracy

  • Errors reduced
  • Multiple data-input streams


regul8 is a proven, cost-effective regulatory statistical reporting solution