PDF uploads are the method of choice for brokers to pass data to insurance carriers.

communic8 is the catchers mitt

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communic8 maps pdf upload data to insurers

Who is Appulate?


PDF Solutions

The efficient and effective exchange of information between agents and underwriters, or within the underwriting team can be a differentiator for many insurance carriers, and a crucial dependency in determining leaders and laggards.    

iter8 builds technology to help agents and carriers connect, and efficiently and effectively exchange information.  

PDF Automation

Many new business quotes are sent as pdf files. iter8 solutions will take the pdf file, burst it, and transform it into ACORD XML format so that it can be integrated into core operating systems.

The iter8 PDF Automation solution:

-        Works with any agency management system ( View a current listing of supported agency management systems)

-        Uses ACORD XML standard

-        Can act as an internal tool for converting forms to ACORD XML

-        30+ forms with multiple states for commercial & personal lines auto

-        No transaction fees

This solution enables agents working in their agency management system to easily submit pdf files to insurers for new business quotes, and facilitate carrier’s catching and transforming the information, saving keystrokes and saving money. It installs on the agent desktop in less than a minute, with no cost for the agent.

Working with our partners, Appulate, iter8 Uplink is fast, easy and cost-effective. We’re so confident this solution will work and you’ll be satisfied, that we offer a no cost, or no obligation proof of concept. Fast, easy, and proven

Mapping and processing the data

For insurers seeking to transform the newly created ACORD XML file, or an upload from a bridge solution into an existing portal or legacy policy administration application,  iter8 can act as a catcher’s mitt, taking the file, and mapping the data to your back-office systems.

In fact, iter8 can apply business logic, such as underwriting rules to process the information and determine applicability before it enters your back end. Fast, accurate, timely. ...oh, did we say fast.

With iter8 the solution is modular so you decide what level of complexity you desire – convert pdf files from agents; convert pdf files within your underwriting team; apply business rules to the new ACORD XML files; Map the data to your legacy systems; route the data; receive data from TransactNOW or Transformation Station;  prioritize a response – you decide

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