Legacy Modernization


For insurers in the process of modernizing their core systems, iter8 solutions can play a pivotal role to complement the new solution:

  1. Statistical Reporting: Statistical reporting systems that operate using data from a legacy application must be updated or replaced to extract data and operate with the new system. The team at iter8 are statistical reporting experts, and regul8 is a modern, yet proven, system in place at many P&C insurers.

    The stat reporting team at iter8 can work with your IT team to implement a statistical reporting solution that is flexible, accurate, easily configured, auditable and most importantly well built and maintained.

    iter8 has worked with several modern policy administration vendors, and regulators, and the templates developed can be applied to your solution. And, of course regul8 can work with your legacy solutions, to update, modernize and transform the solution. Contact us for more details.

  2. Data Conversion: Upgrading from a legacy application often involves significant data conversion, migration and transformation. Whether it is the movement of data from one system to another or the transformation of data semantics or for the creation of a data warehouse transl8 has the answers.

    transl8 can be used one-time or on an ongoing basis. Several large carriers have used transl8 in both methods – for one time data conversion, and then in ongoing processing. Many data migration projects face large, complex multi-dimensional problems that can overwhelm the project and result in failure. Transl8 is built for these projects.

  3. Agent Connectivity: Carriers implementing a new policy administration system need to interact with independent agents in a variety of ways. New systems only provide partial solutions. Iter8 products like communic8 can create a hub for multiple data streams, from multiple versions, all maintained and supported. communic8 integrates with agency management systems, third party information providers, bridge systems, third party raters and many other sources to facilitate smooth, fast and complete underwriting.

  4. Agency Portal: iter8 agent portals can work with legacy applications – forestalling the need to replace your current system, and with SOA components can migrate to also complement a new Policy Administration System.

Replace.....Enhance.....Upgrade – whatever your legacy system upgrade strategy involves iter8 has the products and support to make sure it runs smoothly, timely and completely.

" we needed to accommodate multiple Agency Management Systems from several suppliers, to recognize that agents want choice as to how they interact with us"

Brian Bessey, GM Peel Mutual Insurance

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