Policy Holder self service

Many of your policy holders and prospective policy holders want on-line web access to self-serve.

collabor8 consumer portal provides a smart solution.





Consumer self-service solution

The trend is clear. More and more consumers are going online to complete transactions. Those that are going online need complete solutions with full functionality, and will react negatively when this is not available, and they need to follow up with a representative.  

collabor8 consumer portal is the answer with full functionality, full integration, implemented all at once, or in phases, due to the modular design.   


Consumers and policy holders that are looking to complete inquiry, quoting, new business submission, and even endorsement or policy change transactions require a portal solution that can incorporate:

Rules engine – to properly rate and price endorsements, modifications or new business quotes

- Data storage – Sounds straightforward, but links to current policy, billing and claims data is essential for all transactions, as is the need for consumers, underwriters and agents to view the same information in real-time. In addition work in progress files are necessary as additional third-party data is gathered and processed.

Product definitions - that are accurate, edited in real-time, and available when needed

Independent agents – to advise on changes and updates, and to ensure accurate advice and assistance is provided when necessary

Core legacy systems – that represent current policy, billing and claims information, that can be extracted, modified and returned on a real-time basis


Easy to Use

- Consumers need to find answers logically within the site, without extensive searching

- Consumers should have their questions answered completely, clearly and accurately, without variance across the site

- Navigation must be clean, clear, unambiguous, and logical

collabor8 consumer portal has a modern new design and workflows to meet these three needs, and ensure the consumer experience is positive.


Aligned with independent agents

The value added by Independent insurance agents is maintained in the collabor8 consumer portal, whereby the capabilities are included for full:

-  Notification

-  Integration

-  Approvals and Acceptance

-  Brand maintenance and development

Adding a consumer self serve portal is not merely adding a new user interface. Rather it is adding new workflow, integration, user interface, rules and business logic so that policy holders, prospective policy holders, agents and underwriters can deliver a superior consumer offering so carriers can effectively compete and grow their  business.