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Agency Connectivity

Carriers that provide independent agents with ease of doing business through real-time on-line connectivity get more business from their agents. Successful carriers that partner with agents to understand their products, pricing and risk appetite are able to match agent customers with carrier products.

Easily said, and with iter8 solutions, easy to implement.

iter8 agent connectivity, either stand-alone, or with an agent portal, facilitates strong carrier – agent relationships, and leads to successful customer service and long term customer satisfaction.

Business Growth:

Real-time, flexible interfaces permit agents to offer Inquiry, Quoting, Bridging and Endorsements in a straight-forward manner. iter8 agency connectivity solutions provide such a solution for the upload of data from an Agency Management Systems or third –party rating system, and the download of data from a carrier Policy Administration System.

Manage your risk:

Agency connectivity involves a wide range of data sources including multiple agency management systems, third-party rating systems, information providers and Policy Administrations Systems. iter8 has forged relationships with vendors of these systems, and therefore is well suited to address changes, updates, refreshes, replacements, and version changes as they occur.

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