All software providers are not created equal

On the surface many software vendors look the same. But as you dig deeper you realize that many differences exist, differences that can materially affect software performance, implementation success, and long term achievements.

Future focused

There is no point in investing money to solve today’s problem and ignore the next one. iter8 solutions are built with the future in mind. We invest in research, and work with our customers and with external analysts and consultants so that when new services and products are required we’ll both be ready.


When the market changes iter8 products have been developed so that re-use is possible. There is no need to rip and replace. Instead, iter8 solutions can be enhanced. Now this may be old-fashioned in an era where many things are thrown out, but we know it’s worth it in the long run to build in the capability for re-use.


Strategic in terms of a longer-term and re-usable; Strategic in terms of deep functionality to encompass present and future demands; Strategic in terms of quick integration, superior performance and amalgamation with existing IT architecture.

Based on Standards

Standardized solutions ensure interoperability and flexibility. They adapt to change and ensure longer term value. iter8 builds with standards at the heart, not as an afterthought

If it’s worth doing it’s worth doing right

When you make an investment, iter8 knows you need it done right.

That starts with our team and the skills they bring to your requirements. If it’s worth doing it’s worth doing right is the internal initiative we launched, and we’ve invested heavily to ensure it’s done right.

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