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regul8regul8 simplifies and streamlines regulatory statistical reporting. Used by numerous carriers regul8 gives carriers complete control over the statistical reporting process, enhancing reporting accuracy, saving management time, improving responsiveness to frequent requirements changes and sharply reducing operating and maintenance costs.

regul8 automates the data submission process to bodies such as ISO and state regulatory bodies for both single and multiple lines of business.

Centralized business & error detection logic in a common repository

  • Centralizes disparate data systems into one manageable location.
  • Uses common maps and specialized user interfaces to represent the data for business users, allowing users to easily configure and maintain the system.
  • Eliminates gap-errors that could exist between the business user's requirements and the IT specifications.
  • Supports multiple data-input streams.
  • Handles high data volumes from multiple sources.

Advanced submission data-mapping:

  • regul8 accurately translates data into the regulatory submission format.
  • Enables monthly and yearly submission data reports and reconciliations.
  • Reduces down-time caused by reconciliation or reporting errors.
  • Updates standard definitions regularly.

Browser-based submission management and error correction

  • Flags errors and gives business users an option to run the manual correction system.
  • Stores a history of all corrections and reapplies them to all future occurrences automatically.
  • Enables recovery of lost submissions.

regul8 is available in a license or hosted solution. Contact us to determine which method best suits your needs.

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