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collabor8 collabor8 is a modern, tools-based web platform that allows agents, underwriters and policy holders to collaborate seamlessly, online. Carriers, agents and policy holders can execute key business transactions including:

  • End-to-end new business
  • Policy Change
  • Underwriting
  • Quoting and Quick Quoting

Carriers seeking modern, connected portals can draw upon pre-built collabor8 templates, built with input from numerous agents and carriers that provide immediate business value, with the flexibility to configure to each carrier's unique environment.

Powerful rules-based configuration

collabor8 allows business users to configure business rules, workflow and rating, in a flexible, intuitive format that can be built, tested, deployed and updated quickly and securely. With the collabor8 configuration editor, users are able to act rapidly and completely - adding, editing, deleting, modifying and comparing under a variety of market conditions. Rating can be handled within the editor, or through integration to third party solutions.

Satisfy agent needs

iter8 understands independent agent needs, and collabor8 enables transactions to be executed based upon agent sales and service workflows, not policy administration system workflows. Maximize agent usage with an intuitive, easy-to-use and easy-to-understand user interface within a fully connected agent portal.


collabor8 is built with ACORD AL3 and XML standards at the heart. As standards change and updates are made iter8 stays current, and supports these changes.

Proven, tested & reliable

In use at multiple carriers, for personal lines and packaged commercial product lines, collabor8 reduces the risk of a new system implementation or replacement. Not only is risk reduced during implementation, but top-line maintenance and support ensure collabor8 performs well in the future, and adapts to changes within your operation and to changes in the marketplace.


Pre-built templates ensure timely implementation, low-risk implementation and cost-effective delivery.

SOA communications hub that streamlines & automates agency connectivity


Simplify and automate the submission process