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collabor8 consumer portal

collabor8 consumer portal is a modern web platform that enables policy holders, prospective policy holders, and independent agents to have on-line access for:

-        billing inquiries

-        billing payments

-        policy inquiries

-        claims inquiries

-        new business quoting

-        endorsements

-        new business submissions

-        policy changes

collabor8 consumer portal is developed in distinct modules so that insurance carriers can implement functionality and services in a phased,  cost-effective manner.

Architecturally Sound

collabor8 consumer portal is built so that front, middle and back office systems can be integrated, using a design that ensures consumers, underwriters and agents operate in an agile manner, and that edits made once ripple through all elements of the user experience.  

To quote from Steve Jobs, “Design is not what it looks like, design is how it works.” iter8 takes this to heart in completing a design with centralized definitions of business rules, product definitions, and data models.   This ensures consumers experience a full, rich offer with multiple options and configurations.

Interface components are also reused, including rating, policy administration integration and insurance abstracts, levering current systems and solutions to deliver a superior online experience.  

Consumer Friendly

Policy holders demand a user experience that is fast, convenient, and presents the information required. They do not want agent or underwriter screens that are re-purposed, with workflows that do not match their need to complete  a  task. Recent research from the Customer Respect Group, revealed 3 key reasons for customer self serve failures. Have a read.

collabor8 consumer portal successfully delivers

-         Convenience

-         Ease of Use

-         Connected and Integrated

-         Access to Knowledgeable staff

-         Complete           

-         Once and Done


Pre-Integrated with collabor8 portal

Pre-built templates ensure timely implementation, low-risk implementation and cost-effective delivery, while the core design enables each carrier to customize to their unique characteristics.

collabor8 consumer portal  can utilize the collabor8 rules engine, database, and implementation methodologies, ensuring the solution is proven and reliable.

Linked to independent agents

Independent agents need to be involved in the process via agent branded interfaces, interfaces to agency management systems, email alerts, on-line chat, rules to guide endorsement and quoting transactions