" this represents a major commitment from Trillium, which we are undertaking in order to better manage our costs, greatly improve our broker channel responsiveness, accelerate the speed with which we process transactions, reduce manual touch points and ultimately improve service levels to our customers." He added, "We chose iter8 to work with us as we implement these changes, because they are a company we can trust, and will deliver as promised, on-time and on-budget."

Joe Dietrich, GM Trillium Mutual Insurance




News Archive

Saskatchewan Mutual Insurance to work with iter8

September 2011: Saskatchewan Mutual Insurance Company (SMI) has selected iter8 as the technology partner on their broker download initiative for multiple broker management systems, including solutions from Applied Systems, Keal and Zycomp. The iter8 solution communic8 will be implemented to enable independent brokers to receive accurate, complete download services.

Trillium Mutual completes Download Initiative

July 2011 - Trillium Mutual Insurance Company, using communic8 the connectivity hub from iter8, has gone live with their independent broker download initiative for brokers. This represents the first step in Trillium's multi-year technology investment to provide their independent brokers with state-of-the-art technology to deliver real-time access, and overall ease of doing business.

York is the First Carrier to Go Live Using Keal Connect Solution

June 2011 - York Fire and Casualty Insurance (York) is the first insurance company to go live under the advanced Keal Connect solution, which is powered by iter8 technology. Independent brokers using the Keal BMS sigXP, can now connect directly with York without any middleware or third-party software. York brokers can perform inquiry, new business upload and manual endorsement transactions from sigXP to York.

Pat Durepos, President of Keal Technology commented on the speed to market, that resulted from “iter8’s proven, configurable software”.

iter8 rolls out collabor8 v5.0

June 2011 - collabor8 v5.0, a state-of-the-art connected agent portal solution, is now available to all new customers, and has begun implementation at a first P&C insurance carrier. v5.0 represents the next generation in collabor8, incorporating functionality that will continue to exceed expectations for new agent portals, provide flexible upgrade options for existing portals, and facilitate extensions into mobile applications and direct-to-consumer services.

iter8 and Keal Technology announce new broker connectivity partnership

April 2011 - Keal Technology and iter8 have formed a partnership to deploy real-time broker connectivity between sigXP, the broker management system from Keal and communic8, iter8's data transformation and integration solution.

North Waterloo Farmers Mutual roll-out new broker portal

April 2011 - North Waterloo Farmers Mutual has successfully completed the next phase in their effort to provide brokers ease of doing business.

North Waterloo has gone live with a modern portal to provide real-time access for quote and new business submissions.

 York expands real-time broker connectivity

February 2011 - York Fire and Casualty Insurance has extended real-time broker connectivity using iter8 technology.

York has introduced a continual stream of technological innovations in order to facilitate broker’s ease of doing business. In this recent phase, York has provided real-time processing of inquiry, new business and endorsement transactions for brokers using Keal, CIM-Data and PowerBroker broker management systems.

Providence Mutual Rolls out new agent portal

November 2010 - Providence Mutual Fire Insurance Company has completed the first phase in their new agent portal. The first phase in the new portal implementation represents a major first step in Providence Mutual’s goal to deliver superior technology and services to support their independent agent channel.