iter8 Technology


Modern, innovative technology

iter8 develops SOA components using mainstream technology.

collabor8's architecture is based on a set of web services backed by an XML processor that acts as a server for the AJAX web client applications. All communication between client and server components is performed via Web Services or XML/HTTP.

The application runs on both J2EE servers and IIS for ASP.NET. ASP or JSP applications are generated automatically and simultaneously if required.

collabor8 Server:

  • XML transforms on iter8 platform implement the application and business logic
  • Return XML messages, rendered by collabor8 client into AJAX, displayed to users

collabor8 Client:

  • HTML pages are static, configured for users to enter/change data
  • Presentation as a series of browser-based web portals
  • JavaScript executes validity and consistency edits

collabor8 interfaces are built into the core product as adaptors that are maintained by iter8 developers for clients as part of the support and maintenance agreement.

collabor8 is application server and database independent, with a browse interface for all functions. The supported server environment is typically Windows Server and LINUX.


SOA hub uses XML and EDI standards to communicate with multiple systems. XSL translators conduct bi-directional mappings.