La Capitale Financial Group sought a technology solution to integrate their business with their new acquisition, York Fire and Casualty.

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Insurance companies have struggled with the complexity and cost of converting to new policy systems, integrating new portfolios of business and dealing with the technology headaches of mergers, acquisitions and book rolls.

iter8 Data Management solutions address these problems.

Data Conversion

iter8 products provide automatic data conversion and quick data retrieval using data, not text. This removes the need to interpret definitions and ensures accuracy and completeness. Definitions are customized specifically for both source and destination systems.

Several small translations, using a cascade of models, build several fail-proof steps into the modeling process. The bottom line is more predictable, accurate and complete data translation and conversion.

Data Cleansing, enrichment, migration and extraction

The iter8 system migration methodology provides carriers with ease of maintenance and flexibility. A definition can be modified quickly and the whole model can accommodate the change – without the errors inherent in traditional programming solutions. Since the translation is built automatically from the definition the capacity for bugs is greatly reduced

Companies can reduce costs associated with multiple lines of business systems, while eliminating a great deal of complexity and manual effort from large development projects.

iter8 data management solutions can save you money, time and effort..

Quick accurate data translation and book rolls



Regulatory Statistical reporting made accurate, complete and manageable