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communic8 communic8 is a communications hub that streamlines and automates connectivity and integration with agency management systems, real-time rating systems and third-party insurance data systems. communic8 SOA components exchange multiple forms of information in a cost-effective, fast-to-market manner. Proven, tested, reliable and fully supported, communic8 pre-packaged maps are ready for your use.

The communic8 web-based user interface provides users with a view to monitor activity, and oversee all elements of interface transactions. Audit history tracking, error display, edit capabilities and verification are present within communic8.

End-to-end connectivity

The communic8 hub interfaces with the critical bridge services associated with Agency Management Systems including Transformation Station and TransACT Now. This includes third party raters such as EZ Lynx, SilverPlume and Win Rater

As a hub, communic8 also handles all interfaces with third-party report/abstract systems, and Policy Administration Systems.

And you can rest assured that the iter8 maintenance package will handle modifications, changes and updates.

Standards are supported

communic8 supports ACORD XML standards. communic8 is also designed to support AL3 and EDI standards for download, and to work with proprietary systems.

Event handling scheduler

Scheduler-based system with multiple event-based scheduling options

  • Web service invocation
  • MQ invocation
  • FTP or Samba mount invocation
  • File or DB semaphore


Spreadsheet-based editors allow business users to manage translation mapping. communic8 readers/writers interface with XML and native systems.


To cache third party reports and audit information.

communic8 is a hub to enable clean, simple, real-time interaction with multiple systems, fully supported by the experienced team at iter8.

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